Q: Do you do international shipping?

A: Yes, currently shipping with DHL

Older drops will ship from the US through USPS.

Q: Where are these being shipped from?


Q: How do I know if my order out went out?

A: When your order goes out, you will get an email with the tracking information when it gets shipped. Please give it 48 hours to update! 

Q: Does my shipping address having to be in English?

A: Addresses in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, or Chinese characters must bear an interline translation in English of the addressee’s full legal name. Failure to comply will have your order cancelled and refunded.

For more info click here.

Q: What payment system do you use?

A: PayPal which accepts major credit cards.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: All sales are absolutely final. Once orders are placed, you CANNOT cancel your order. 

Q: How many are being produced?

A: A limited amount

Q: Where can I follow for progress!?

A: instagram.com/vetememes

Q: Who made this?

A: A Nobody.